We are back!

1 Nov

After almost 10 years, we are back and proud to present to you our brand new book filled with the stories that were created along the way between Europe and Central Asia. We have been working hard in the last 2 years, spending countless hours rewriting, proofreading, editing, adding videos and photo galleries using QR codes that will allow the reader to feel completely immersed in the different environments, cultures, and countries that we crossed. Since we got so much support from you (our dear followers) at the time, it made complete sense to keep this blog alive, and now we are happy to share this great news with you.

The Book

The book is an improved version of the blog with a lot more content, stories that were never written. It also features the videos that we never posted as it was too heavy to upload back then. All the text has been rewritten and professionally edited! 300+ pages written in English / Size is 196mm/130mm on a matt coated paper 115 gr. A foldable map comes with it as well as a bookmark.


We are launching a crowdfunding campaign today on Ulule which will last until the 30th of November. We hope to get your support and reach 150 pre-ordered copies which will be sent to you by January 2022.


For those who wonder where we’ve been during all those years, we kept cycling of course! Around the Balkans, from Spain to Morocco and other smaller trips. Stories and photos regarding those trips can be found on our Facebook page here

This blog will likely get a lifting in the coming month 😉

A massive THANK YOU to all you from us with LOVE!

Champagne on the tap

19 Sep


Longtime no see! We’ve been quite busy with other projects, and also little bit lazy for the past few months, but we’re back with the end of the story!

We said goodbye to the land of the “Grands crus” to enter the almighty “Champagne” region. Nico wanted to say hello to some friends in a small village, called Les Riceys, that he met 3 years ago, working in the vineyards. We arrived in the evening, not sure they would be there nor recognize him. Fortunately, they did, and they welcomed us with good food and of course Champagne. Olivier and Marie own some lands where they produce biological champagne, and they just finished the vendanges when we arrived. We spent the night talking about things that happened during the last 3 years, drinking the nectar of the gods. That was absolutely awesome and the day after, before leaving, they told us to come next year to cut the grapes with them and share more champagne. Olivier and Marie, we love you and get ready, cause we are coming soon -by bike, yeah!-.


Horiot grands crus


Family picture with Olivier, Marie, Nico and Emilie

The day after, we cycled 70k to a village called Margerie and we camped in a yard next to a school, the day was pleasant despite it was getting colder : October in the north of France is not summer anymore. The next morning we could feel that Belgium is not that far anymore and there were mixed feelings of ending this beautiful journey : happy to be back for families and friends, but aware that it’s not going to be the same, and that it’ll be hard to not live on the road anymore. We kept cycling up north, and stopped after another 70k. As usual, knocking on a door and meeting wonderful people. Jaques and Rose are over 80 years old and don’t seem to be afraid of young dirty guys like us. They allow us to set the tent in their backyard and even use their kitchen to cook some cassoulet.



Jacques and his bike

Before going to sleep we shared a glass of Mirabelle, the local strong alcohol. Jaques explains us that he still cycles every 2 days, and shared many stories of his youth, the second world war, and all important things that happened in his life. Before going to sleep, knowing this is our last night abroad, we celebrate with a champagne bottle we got from Olivier. Good night, tomorrow we’ll be in Belgium.


Picture of the day

1 Apr

cycling further

Shooting Bourgogne

1 Apr

cycling further

Cycling Bourgogne

1 Apr

Cyclinf further

We left Lyon in the middle of the afternoon and one more time we have no idea where we gonna sleep. After 75 km of a relax ride the sun is getting down, today is special day as we reached 7000km on the speed counter.Cycling further

We are now in a small village it is called Crottet and decide to find a shelter for the night. Confident as usual, we enter a small road where are some lovely houses waiting for us to knock on their doors. The first try is the good one, it is a beautiful farm where a family is having dinner as we can see trough the window. Denis open the door and quickly all the family is there to welcome us. Usually it takes a few minutes for people to trust us but this time before finishing our icebreaker pitch Denis said :”Sure come and join us!” Everybody looks exicted about this friday night surprise. After having a soup and some delicious cheese, we started to talk about our journey around a bottle of wine. It is nice to hear Denis telling us he was hoping that one day he would see some cyclist like us knocking on his door as he likes to read books about people who travelled the globe.cycling further

While talking came up the idea that Denis and his son Léo would maybe plan a trip like ours but first they would lead us to one of the longest cycling path in europe on the way to Beaune the day after. As they say it is a very nice ride through the vineyards where we can also enjoy to pass by old castels. Before we went to sleep we agreed we would take the 7000 km milestone  picture in the farm court on the morning.cycling further

The day after the weather wasn’t that good but they still wanted to cycle with us, after taking some pictures we said good bye to Mel (Léo’s girlfriend from Australia) , Monique and Lila we started cycling to Macon where we would get to the path. Once we got there we proposed to Léo and Denis to try our bicycles to see how it is. They liked it and did it for the next 30 km where we had to say good bye. So, thank you very much for the good time we spent together and all the best for your future trip 😉 !Cycling further

The weather is now much better and reveal the beauty of the country side all around. Just after we crossed a very long tunnel we met a german who was cycling from Germany to the south of France. He also told us he was training for a much bigger journey next year in south America. He even looked surprised while we where giving him advices from our experience that we like to go and knock on doors and ask for a place to sleep. He didn’t think about doing that because it is not in his culture but then he said he would try. Obviously it is easy for us after spending 5 month on the road. P1200219

In the end of the afternoon we decided to leave the path and go back on bigger roads with cars as we felt like getting away from the right direction. We wanted to get to Beaune which was the target of the day. After 115km we entered the city of the “grands crus” If you want to spend 500 euros for a bottle of  wine this is the place to go. After a quick tour of the city at night we found a campground where we met some cool guys they were there to collect the grappes for the Vendanges saison. With them we discovered how to open a bottle with a shoe when you have no opener. Here is the trick : Put the botton of the bottle in the shoe and find a wall to hit with that shoe, after maybe 50 times you’ll be able to remove the bottle cap. We had a plaisant stay at the camping as we didn’t pay and had some good fun with the campers. that’s what we’ll remember from Beaune 😉cycling further


Shooting Drôme and Lyon

5 Jan

cycling further

Pictures of the day

5 Jan

cycling further


cycling further

Carpentras – Piegros – Lyon

5 Jan

We cycled in the dark, as most days these days, got a little bit lost, then finally reached Carpentras where Nico’s relatives were waiting for us. After 6 months apart, it was with some emotions that we got greeted by the mum, uncle, little brother and his girlfriend in the house they rented for a week.
After the initial hugs, stories and lots of good food, we spent the rest of the evening next to the pool. A bit of luxury can’t harm, you know! The next day was a typical day in south of France : dry sausages, petanque and apero’s were on the menu, but no cycling. We took a day off before getting back on the saddle, heading towards Piegros, where we had a ‘plan’.

cycling furtherPlaying petanque helps to relax!

cycling further

And swiming pool as well.

It needed us the whole day cycling to get to Piegros, more than 100 kilometers up north. The weather forecast were really bad, as storms were about to hit the area. Nevermind. Nico volunteered in Piegros’ castle few years before and we gave it a try, reaching the castle after climbing a huge hill…where Nico broke his chain after forcing on the pedals. We were luckily close enough to continue walking in the dark. “We’ll try to fix the chain tomorrow”, we thought. The castle was magnificent, overlooking the whole area…in pole position for the lightnings of the storm. We knocked at the door, but nothing happened…just a cat seemed to live there, despite some lights on in some rooms. After half an hour of shouting and knocking, we gave up, and start setting up the tent just next to the castle. Pity, the castle seemed to have enough room for 2 guests! We were without water but we looked around and managed to find a source nearby, where we filled our bottles.cycling further

The magnificent castel of Piegros

We camped as close as possible from the walls of the castle, as the wind was already about to blow the tent away. We got very lucky with the weather : the night stayed more or less dry, and we woke up on a dry ground. We quickly started fixing Nico’s chain (first time for both of us). It wasn’t the easiest bike repair we had to do, but somehow, it worked. We then hurried to go as the sky was threatening, cycled few kilometers then rain started falling, and falling, and falling more. We had the luxury to be near a big enough city, and we decided to take the train for the ride of the day, instead of cycling the storms.cycling further

Chain fixed time to go.

We arrived in Lyon in the evening, where the weather was as bad as it was in Piegros. We got in contact with Julie, the daughter of Alain, who hosted us a couple of days before, in Cote d’Azur. She welcomed us in the flat, where we could dry our clothes, take a shower and have some tea. Having a roof when it rains is a luxury we tend to forget, but this time we got to feel its true value! We clicked with Julie, who brought us out for some food delicacies in Lyon in the evening, and whom we spent two great days and nights. We had a pretty good feeling about the city : lot of arts, friendly, young people, good food, mountains and see at equal distance (2 hours drive), and great cycling paths! What else could we ask for? The second day, after a pretty fancy dinner made on our own (so good to have a kitchen at disposition!), we went out to have a feel of Lyon alternative music scene, with a Bass night in the basement of a little club. It wasn’t the most exciting venue, but good enough to keep the three of us alive until late in the night. The day after was about to be a hard day…but who cares?cycling further

good bye picture with Julie


Shooting Côte d’azur

18 Nov

Pictures of the day

18 Nov